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Updated: Jan 24

I've rewritten this first post five times. I want to say "Hey Welcome Human Being. I'm a human too! Want to hang out and do human stuff?" BUT in clever wording. Super smart words that make you want more words. Yet, it has all sounded wrong- like I think I have something important to say and in all honesty, I don't. Nothing I write here will change the world, save your soul, make you thinner. All I can promise is that all the words and punctuation will be mine, for better or worse, talking about topics that interest me. Like candles and strings lights. Color. Texture. Food...all kinds of food, because I love cooking and eating in equal measure. Art...because I love seeing the world through other folk's vision. Decor...everything from style to budget to DIY. Music...'cause it makes the world dance and dancing is cool. Landscape and gardening...getting my words dirty is a necessity. And a bunch of other topics that I haven't even conceived of yet. Oh, but I will. Before I go, let me not forget the single thing most important topic: FUN. Because we all need smiles and laughter.

Mortality looms, so let's get at it...


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