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I love Tarot. Not in a "what does my future hold?" kind of way; but in a "hey universe, how's my weather looking?" It isn't that I am not curious how things will turn out, as I am; however, if the future is truly written, then why bother with effort because what will be will be. Also, believing in any system that guarantees or hints at any particular future is giving your power away to that system. Nope, not gonna do that.

So what's with the Tarot then, SBG? First and foremost, I love the art. I love the Rider Waite Tarot for being my first and you always remember your first. I love 'T the new Tarot' (John Cooke, Rosalind Sharpe) for its trippy, Aquarius age, acid dipped art. I dig the Hermetic Tarot (Godfrey Dowson) for the kinetic graphic power it possesses. That deck feels heavy- like its burden is burned into each black and white suit. I spread the Animal Totem Tarot (Leeza Roberston, Eugene Smith) several times a week as a weather vane to all that is me. It gives my wandering mind some guide posts, path markers if you please. Food for thought. Last but not least is the The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed ( Robert M. Place) which works like a skeleton key to the deeper rooms in my mind. I react to the graphics more than read a spread. And that is why this Tarot is my Tarot a Day .

Tarot a Day is not as mystical as it sounds. I have a designated picture frame into which I randomly slide a Tarot card. Then I live with it for a day, or more if life is distracting, noting the emotions that rise. I truly examine the art, looking deep into to background or symbols like pouring over clues. Occasionally, if the desire arises, I read the card's meaning but more often than not, I just look at it, in my home, among my stuff, doing its Tarot Thing.

sourcing: my recycled drum frame fits a typical tarot card well and I love that I can just slip a card in within having to open a frame back. I got the one shown here:

The Alchemical Tarot is available through or

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